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Dr. Ahmed Abdel Meguid 

Dr. Ahmed Abdel Meguid has been an Assistant Professor of Religion at Syracuse University since 2011. He received his Ph.D. from the Department of Philosophy at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, in the same year.

His areas of specialization include the history of philosophy and philosophy of religion with a special focus on late 18th, 19th and early 20th-century German philosophy, as well as Islamic philosophy, theology, and mysticism. He has significantly contributed to the Princeton Encyclopedia of Islamic Political Thought and has also contributed to other books and articles on Islamic philosophy and political realism.

He has received multiple awards and honours including the Fund for Innovative Teaching Award from Emory University in 2011.

Course Series: Philosophy and its History: A Critical Revisiting from the Perspective of Islamic Philosophy—Advanced Reflections

In this series, Dr. Ahmed Abdel Meguid gives a broad introduction to philosophical thinking and the main questions with which the four main domains of philosophy (epistemology, metaphysics, ethics and aesthetics) have been concerned from its early emergence in Greek antiquity to the present

Course Series: Islamic Philosophy and the Fundamental Concepts of Modern Thinking (Advanced)

In this series, Dr. Ahmed Abdel Meguid tackles Islamic philosophy and the fundamental concepts of modern thinking such as Freedom and Capitalism

Freedom from the Perspective of Islamic Philosophy: A Critical History of an Ambiguous Concept

Dr. Ahmed Abdel Meguid answers the question: what does Islam have to say about freedom and coercion? This course investigates possible answers to these questions and more.

Capitalism and Consumerism: A New Critique from the Perspective of Islamic Philosophy

This course by Dr. Ahmed Abdel Meguid lays special emphasis on how Islamic philosophy can offer new ways of reconstructing our social, familial and individual choices against the many impasses corporate capitalism forced upon us

Introduction to Islamic Philosophy?

Dr. Ahmed Abdel Meguid gives a broad introduction to philosophical thinking and what is meant by Islamic/Arabic Philosophy


Dr. Ahmed Abdel Meguid answers the following questions: what is knowledge? What is the difference between knowledge and belief? What are the sources of knowledge? And, how do we know?


Dr. Ahmed Abdel Meguid reflects upon the following: What is Metaphysics or Ontology? Why was the question of being/existence considered the subject matter of first philosophy prima philosophia? What are the most important problems of ontology?

Social and Political Philosophy

Dr. Abdel Meguid tackles social and political philosophy and answers the following: What is civility and civil order? What is political philosophy? What is the essence of sovereignty?

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