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Dr. Jamal Badawi

Dr. Jamal Badawi is a Muslim Canadian, well-known author, activist, preacher and speaker on Islam.

Dr. Badawi completed his undergraduate studies in Cairo, Egypt and obtained his Masters and Ph.D. in Business Administration at Indiana University. He is a former professor of both the Religious Studies and Business Management departments at the Sobey School of Business at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Dr. Badawi is the author of many books and articles on Islam, with his most recent publication titled ‘Gender Equity in Islam.’ In addition, he researched, designed and presented a 352 segment television series on a variety of Islamic topics, that aired on many local TV stations in Canada and the US as well as 35 other countries around the world. Dr. Badawi actively participates in lectures, seminars and interfaith dialogues across North America. He also serves as a guest speaker in various functions around the world, where his expertise is sought. Additionally, he plays an active role in several Islamic organizations, including the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). He is the founder/chairman of the Islamic Information Foundation, a non-profit foundation and internet forum seeking to promote a better understanding of Islam.

Misconceptions about the Marriage of Aishah

Dr. Jamal Badawi refutes all allegations and clarifies all distortions about the Prophet’s marriage of Aishah (RA). Besides age, what are the requirements that should be considered for marriage?

Is Islam a Religion of Violence?

Dr. Jamal Badawi discusses the issue of whether there is any command in the Qur’an that allows Muslims to fight others on the sole grounds that they are not Muslim whether they are Jewish, Christians, pagans or idolaters?

Misconceptions about the Prophet’s Marriages & Polygamy

According to Dr. Jamal Badawi, there are prevalent and widely-circulated misconceptions about the position of polygamy in Islam. Indeed, Islam does allow for the practice, but it is not the norm, rather monogamy is.

Misconceptions about Women in Islam

Dr. Jamal Badawi highlights the fact that Islam stresses the dignity of the human whether he or she is with faith or without faith; this dignity applies to women as much as it applies to men. All are given the divine breath

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