Misconceptions about the Prophet’s Marriages & Polygamy

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Misconceptions about the Prophet’s Marriages & Polygamy


Dr. Jamal Badawi
Member of The International Union of Muslim Scholars


In fact, Islam did not initiate the practice of polygamy; rather, it restricted it.

However, as Dr. Badawi explains, there are prevalent and widely-circulated misconceptions about the position of polygamy in Islam. Indeed, Islam does allow for the practice, but it is not the norm, rather monogamy is.

In this course, polygamy will be assessed based on historical grounds with a focus on practices by Abrahamic faith traditions, the moral grounds sanctioning the practice, its strict conditions and qualifiers, and how the practice is not encouraged nor makes one a better Muslim.

In addition, the course addresses some of the misconceptions usually raised against Prophet Muhammad and his marriages. It answers questions such as: was he really polygamous? And, why did he have more than four wives while Muslims are not allowed to do so?


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