Women and the Mosque

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Dr. Jasser Auda
President of Maqasid Institute Global


This course will take an in-depth understanding of Islam’s divine balance between men and women.

  • What are the roles women play in the mosque according to Islamic jurisprudence?
  • What do the Qur’an and Sunnah say about women in mosques?
  • Is there a specific dress code for women while in the mosque?
  • Are women allowed to deliver lectures to men in the mosque?

This course is dedicated to women in Islam. Women are half of humanity and half of our ummah; and how we approach our women is, by extension, a mirror of how we relate to Islam and humanity.

By design, this course delivers deep insight into Islam and women. The aim is to provide a holistic approach so we do justice to this topic and our women.


To view the course content, click here.

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