Objectives-oriented (Maqasidi) Thinking

maqasid thinking
Dr. Jasser Auda eLearning Course Islamic Sciences

Objectives-oriented (Maqasidi) Thinking


Dr. Jasser Auda

President of Maqasid Institute Global


Reasoning in Islam is not what happens in the neurons of the mind, it is rather what happens when the heart reflects. Allah (s) talks about the heart’s faculty of remembrance, reflection, understanding, of thinking. Therefore, in Islam, the heart can be examined as an apparatus with independent thinking. But how can the heart think, how can the thinking faculty of the heart be in harmony with nature?

Thinking can be multidirectional, with various lenses of philosophy, events dictating their direction and all sorts of ideas and meaning that sprout as a result. It is crucial that we choose a way of thinking that is compatible and aligns with a divine master plan of the universe and how our faculties of thought should sync in harmony with God’s design.

It is very important to reflect, examine and organize the way we think. One of the major objectives of the Qur’an is to organize our thinking.


  1. Unit 1 – Introduction
  2.  Unit 2 – Differentiating Causes and Objectives
  3.  Unit 3 – Understanding Definitions
  4.  Unit 4 – Avoiding False Binary Classifications
  5.  Unit 5 – Holistic Rather than Partial Thinking
  6.  Unit 6 – Balancing Means and Ends
  7.  Unit 7 – Balancing Constants and Variables
  8.  Unit 8 – Observing Priorities
  9.  Unit 9 – Observing Natural Cycles
  10.  Unit 10 – Openness and Renewal
  11.  Unit 11 – Submission to Allah

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