Misconceptions about the Marriage of Aishah

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Misconceptions about the Marriage of Aishah


Dr. Jamal Badawi
Member of The International Union of Muslim Scholars


In Islam, regarding the management of wealth, guardians are required to test and see if the orphan whose money they keep as an Amanah (in trust) is mature enough to be endowed their inheritance. Granting the wealth before they are mature is prohibited as the recipient may not spend the money in their best interest. Dr. Jamal Badawi proposes since merely age is not the sole determinant of maturity, as Islam places emphasis on maturity ahead of inheritance, then what requirements should be considered for marriage?

In the case of marriage, it is not physical puberty rather mental maturity, psychological maturity, and emotional maturity, for one to be in a position to say, “Yes, I agree to marriage“, or, “I accept the proposal for marriage“.


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