Introduction to the Fiqh of Zakah

Introduction to the Fiqh of Zakah
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Introduction to the Fiqh of Zakah


Dr. Jasser Auda

President of Maqasid Institute Global


Zakah is one of the five fundamental pillars of Islam. This makes it a compulsory act, and therefore, all Muslims must give Zakah, provided they meet certain conditions. The concept of Zakah is to purify one’s wealth and soul.

This course takes you to explore a variety of topics, the knowledge of which is necessary for every Muslim male and female. Why do we study Fiqh, in general, and the Fiqh of Zakah, in particular, is going to be highlighted here. It will also show whether the rules of Zakah are fixed or variable. Besides, what the Qur’an and the Prophetic Sunnah say about Zakah. In addition, what are the basic concepts of Zakah and what are its ultimate objectives?


  1. Introduction to the Fiqh of Zakah
  2. How Do We Study Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) Today?
  3. Why Do We Study Zakah?
  4. Are Zakah Rules Fixed or Variable?
  5. What Do We Know about Zakah in the Qur’an?
  6. Why Is the Sunnah Important to Include?
  7. What Do We Know about Zakah in the Sunnah?
  8. What Are the Basic Objectives (maqasid) of Zakah?
  9. What Are the Basic Concepts (mafaheem) of Zakah?
  10. What Are the Basic Universal Laws & Values (Sunan) of Zakah?
  11. Miscellaneous Questions about Zakah

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