The Qur’anic Generation: Companions of the Prophet (I)

Quranic Generation
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The Qur’anic Generation: Companions of the Prophet (I)


Dr. Khurram Khan

Director at MAC


One of the key challenges facing people of all ages today is developing one’s character. There was no better group of people who reflected the perfection of the character of the Prophet (PBUH) than the blessed companions who saw, spoke to, had meals with, and learned directly from him. This unique generation heard the revelation of the Qur’an directly from the blessed lips of the Prophet (PBUH) and was able to implement and teach it to the next generation of believers. No other believers have the distinction of being the “Qur’anic Generation”.

In this course, we follow the journey of many of the first generation of Companions (the Sahabah) and what their lives can teach us. Today, people are looking for role-models, and we have manufactured artificial superheroes and characters to fill this human desire. Once we connect with the stories of these remarkable human beings, we will naturally have new inspirational role-models we can relate to and admire.

Each segment is only a brief glimpse (10 minutes) into the life of the Companions and a more detailed study can be obtained via additional resources. Segments can be repeated or used as regular reminders.

This course is for everyone. The language and appropriateness of content are designed for all ages.


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