Dr. Amjad Qourshah

Amjad Qourshah
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Dr. Amjad Qourshah

Associate Prof. in Comparative Religions and Christian-Muslim Relations.

A former lecturer at the Faculty of Shari’ah (Islamic Studies), Jordan University from 2003–2018.
From 2019–present, a resident scholar, lecturer, trainer and family spiritual issues consultant at Al-Dar Foundation, Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

He obtained his MA Degree in Qur’anic Exegeses (Interpretation) from Jordan University in 1997, and his PhD in Comparative Religions and Christian-Muslim Relations from Birmingham University, UK, 2003.

He is interested in working with Youth, Family, Religions, Atheism and fixing misconceptions about Islam on a global level in both languages Arabic and English with intensive engagement on social media platforms especially Facebook.

The Law of Tests and Trials (Sunan al-Ibtilaa’)

This course by Dr. Amjad Qourshah is an attempt towards answering one of the most important questions in our lives: Why do we face difficulties and hardships in our lives even though we believe in Allah and obey Him?

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