The Law of Tests and Trials (Sunan al-Ibtilaa’)

The Law of Tests and Trials
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The Law of Tests and Trials (Sunan al-Ibtilaa’)


Dr. Amjad Qourshah

Faculty of Islamic Studies, University of Jordan


This course is an attempt towards answering one of the most important questions in our lives: Why do we face difficulties and hardships in our lives even though we believe in Allah and obey Him?

Even though we put our trust in Allah (SWT) and in His limitless wisdom, many of us are not capable of understanding and/or explaining why certain things happen to them or to their beloved ones.

In the same vein, many of us consider those who are well-off and those who are famous and influential as fortunate, while those who have a disability or are facing difficulties as less fortunate; a matter which is not necessarily true.

This course provides a useful point of departure for one to understand the real meaning of concepts such as tests and trials (Sunan al-Ibtilaa’). In so doing, it tackles the following questions:

Is the law of tests and trials a constant universal one, or is it randomly selective? Why does Allah allow evil and suffering in this world? Are we tested only with bad and evil things? Should we judge according to the appearance? Are there any benefits to the law of tests and trials? What are the useful lessons that can be derived from the law of tests and trials? Finally, how to deal with Allah’s fate and destiny in this present life?

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  1. Introduction
  2. A Point of Departure
  3. Why Are We Tested?
  4. Is this a Universal Law?
  5. Are We Tested only with Evil?
  6. Should We Judge According to the Appearance?
  7. Are there any Benefits to the Law of Tests and Trials? (P. 1)
  8. Are there any Benefits to the Law of Tests and Trials? (P. 2)

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