Islamic Manners

Sh. Mohamed Zahid Abu Ghodabw
Sh. Mohammad Zahid Aboughoda
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Sh. Mohammad Zahid Aboughoda
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Good manners are paramount in Islam. They are the basis of our success in daily life through which we can make a distinctive place in the Muslim community.

Interacting with others with good manners means to put them at ease the way that Islam recommends us to, doing so is not just an important part of our religion and lifestyle, but also makes our social life more pleasant.

Keeping in mind that conducting good manners is not a default setting within human nature, we need to cultivate good manners and etiquette and it is not always easy because it takes time. Regardless, manners are important to fulfill our faith and also to brighten and bless our social life.


Unit 1 – Importance of Manners in Islam

Unit 2 – The Etiquette of Entering & Leaving the House

Unit 3 – House Guest Etiquette

Unit 4 – Communication Etiquette

Unit 5 – Ethics of Companionship & Councils

Unit 6 – Different Occasions & Situations Etiquette

Unit 7 – Scope of Islamic Manners

Unit 8 – Conclusion

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Sh. Mohammad Zahid Aboughoda

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Mohammad Zahid Aboughoda is a well-grounded, frequent khatib and speaker across Canada. Studied at the hand of his late father Sheikh Abdul Fattah Aboughoda, a great scholar and dai’ya. Wrote and translated books in the fields of education, manners, literature and history. A former member of the Board of Directors of ISNA, MAS, MAC and ICNA. He holds an MBA from the Rotman School of Commerce at the University of Toronto.
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