MAC eLearning Speakers

MAC eLearning Speakers

Sh. Mahdi Tirkawi

Mahdi Tirkawi est Imam à la mosquée Al-Rawdah (Montréal, Québec). Après l’obtention de son baccalauréat en France, il s’est dirigé vers Le Caire pour suivre des études de droit musulman à l’université Al-Azhar. En 2012, il s’installe à Montréal pour continuer ses études d’une part (à l’UdeM, maîtrise en science des religions et à l’UQÀM, certificat pour formateurs) et exercer en tant qu’Imam à la mosquée Al-Rawdah, Centre Communautaire Laurentien. À travers l’exercice de ses fonctions, il cherche à faire le lien entre le spirituel et le développement personnel. Il est surtout en contact avec des jeunes du secondaire, du cégep et de l’université à qui il donne des cours et ateliers de formation. En ce sens, il a monté des projets au sein du centre communautaire. Il collabore avec l’association des étudiants musulmans de l’Université de Montréal et enseigne à l’école Le Savoir (école secondaire). Il est responsable également de la plateforme Jenna Project qui offre notamment un service de conférences et séminaires autour de la spiritualité et du mode de vie islamique dédié aux adultes francophones.

Introduction to the Fiqh of Fasting

This course by Sh. Ahmed Khalil deals with the wisdom behind fasting and the important rulings related to it. It focus on the classical and contemporary Islamic rulings related to Ramadan

Sh. Ahmed Khalil

Sheikh Ahmed Khalil is a second-generation Canadian Muslim, inspirational speaker, imam, and da’wah coordinator. He is the manager of the MAC Islamic Centre in Ottawa, ON, where he also serves as the imam and khateeb. He has more than 20 years of experience in da’wah and Islamic activism. He has a B.Eng. in Computer Engineering, from Carleton University, where he served with the MSA. He also has a diploma in Film Production from Vancouver, where he worked on integrating da’wah through the media. He has a diploma in Shariah and Islamic Studies, from Samaha Academy, under the supervision of Sheikh Jasim Muhalhal Al-Yaseen and another from Zad Academy under the supervision of Sheikh Muhammad Saleh Al-Munajjid. He is an avid reader, a student of knowledge, and father of three.

Le Fiqh du jeûne

Le cours est un rappel des principes de base sur la pratique du jeûne de Ramadan. Le public visé est un public généraliste qui souhaite approfondir sa culture sur le jeûne de Ramadan, plus spécialement dans la dimension technique.

Fiqh of Hadith: A Holistic Approach

This course by Dr. Jasser Auda offers an introduction to the topic of the Fiqh or a deep understanding of the hadith of the Prophet (peace be upon him). It presents a general framework…

Contemporary Islamic Financial Transactions

This course by Dr. Abdulazeem introduces the participants to the very basics of Islamic Financial Law, so that they may familiarize themselves with the Shari’ah stands on the most important modern-day financial transactions.

Dr. Abdulazeem Abozaid

Dr. Abdulazeem holds Ph.D. and Master in Islamic Financial Law. He also holds three BAs in Islamic Law, Arabic language, and English Literature; two higher studies diplomas in Islamic Law and Human Sciences. He has extensive working experience as a Lecturer at Damascus University since 1998, then at International Islamic University Malaysia, specializing in Islamic Financial Law. He has conducted many workshops and training courses at several Islamic banks, financial institutions and universities. He combines practical experience in Islamic banking through working at different Islamic banks as a Shari’ah expert, trainer and Shari’ah head and the academic knowledge in Islamic Financial Law. Dr. Abdulazeem has published in many international journals and newspapers, and he had presented more than 50 papers at international conferences. His expertise in Islamic Finance is demonstrated by his release of more than 70 publications in Islamic Finance. Currently, he is an associate professor at Qatar Foundation, Islamic Finance Program.

The Law of Tests and Trials (Sunan al-Ibtilaa’)

This course by Dr. Amjad Qourshah is an attempt towards answering one of the most important questions in our lives: Why do we face difficulties and hardships in our lives even though we believe in Allah and obey Him?

Understanding the Qur’an

Dr. Jasser Auda stresses that there is no other book in the world in which Allah is speaking. Even if you look at the books of the other originally heavenly religions in which there is a Prophet speaking. If you read the Bible, sometimes Jesus would say that God is saying this

Introduction to Islamic History

In this course, Dr. Jasser Auda introduces Islamic history based on the definition of Islam as the original disposition (fitrah) of all creation and the faith of all prophets, messengers and their followers from the time of Adam to the time of Muhammad

The Qur’anic Generation: Companions of the Prophet (I)

Dr. Khurram Khan follows the journey of many of the first generation of Companions (the Sahabah) and what their lives can teach us. Today, people are looking for role-models, and we have manufactured artificial superheroes and characters to fill this human desire.

Course Series: Philosophy and its History: A Critical Revisiting from the Perspective of Islamic Philosophy—Advanced Reflections

In this series, Dr. Ahmed Abdel Meguid gives a broad introduction to philosophical thinking and the main questions with which the four main domains of philosophy (epistemology, metaphysics, ethics and aesthetics) have been concerned from its early emergence in Greek antiquity to the present

Course Series: Islamic Philosophy and the Fundamental Concepts of Modern Thinking (Advanced)

In this series, Dr. Ahmed Abdel Meguid tackles Islamic philosophy and the fundamental concepts of modern thinking such as Freedom and Capitalism

Introduction to the Fiqh of Zakah

Dr. Jasser Auda takes you to explore a variety of topics, the knowledge of which is necessary for every Muslim male and female. Why do we study Fiqh, in general, and the Fiqh of Zakah, in particular, is going to be highlighted here.

Freedom from the Perspective of Islamic Philosophy: A Critical History of an Ambiguous Concept

Dr. Ahmed Abdel Meguid answers the question: what does Islam have to say about freedom and coercion? This course investigates possible answers to these questions and more.

Capitalism and Consumerism: A New Critique from the Perspective of Islamic Philosophy

This course by Dr. Ahmed Abdel Meguid lays special emphasis on how Islamic philosophy can offer new ways of reconstructing our social, familial and individual choices against the many impasses corporate capitalism forced upon us

Introduction to Islamic Philosophy?

Dr. Ahmed Abdel Meguid gives a broad introduction to philosophical thinking and what is meant by Islamic/Arabic Philosophy


Dr. Ahmed Abdel Meguid answers the following questions: what is knowledge? What is the difference between knowledge and belief? What are the sources of knowledge? And, how do we know?

Misconceptions about the Marriage of Aishah

Dr. Jamal Badawi refutes all allegations and clarifies all distortions about the Prophet’s marriage of Aishah (RA). Besides age, what are the requirements that should be considered for marriage?


Dr. Ahmed Abdel Meguid reflects upon the following: What is Metaphysics or Ontology? Why was the question of being/existence considered the subject matter of first philosophy prima philosophia? What are the most important problems of ontology?

Objectives-oriented (Maqasidi) Thinking

In Islam, according to Dr. Jasser Auda, the heart can be examined as an apparatus with independent thinking. But how can the heart think, how can the thinking faculty of the heart be in harmony with nature?

Is Islam a Religion of Violence?

Dr. Jamal Badawi discusses the issue of whether there is any command in the Qur’an that allows Muslims to fight others on the sole grounds that they are not Muslim whether they are Jewish, Christians, pagans or idolaters?

Women and the Mosque

By design, this course by Dr. Jasser Auda delivers deep insight into Islam and women. The aim is to provide a holistic approach so we do justice to this topic and our women.

The History of Revivalists in Islam

Sh. Aboughoda will take you through this journey to learn about some of the most influential reformers throughout history. This includes King Nūr ad-Dīn Zinky, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Sheikh Abdul Hamid bin Badis

Misconceptions about the Prophet’s Marriages & Polygamy

According to Dr. Jamal Badawi, there are prevalent and widely-circulated misconceptions about the position of polygamy in Islam. Indeed, Islam does allow for the practice, but it is not the norm, rather monogamy is.

Misconceptions about Women in Islam

Dr. Jamal Badawi highlights the fact that Islam stresses the dignity of the human whether he or she is with faith or without faith; this dignity applies to women as much as it applies to men. All are given the divine breath

Social and Political Philosophy

Dr. Abdel Meguid tackles social and political philosophy and answers the following: What is civility and civil order? What is political philosophy? What is the essence of sovereignty?

Islamic Manners

Sh. Aboughoda stresses that interacting with others with good manners means to put them at ease the way that Islam recommends us to, doing so is not just an important part of our religion and lifestyle, but also makes our social life more pleasant.

How to Prepare Yourself for Marriage?

This course, by Dr. Abdalla Idris Ali, delves into the different practical and traditional considerations one should make before making the commitment to get married. The best way to prepare for marriage is to see

A Journey to God – Ibn Ata’s Words of Wisdom

With Dr. Jasser Auda, we embark on a spiritual journey to our Lord. Our teacher is a scholar who mastered the knowledge of the apparent and the knowledge of the soul. He is Ibn Ata, Master, Imam, and Shaykh Ibn Ata-Allah al-Sakandari