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Freedom and Freewill

Freedom from the Perspective of Islamic Philosophy: A Critical History of an Ambiguous Concept

Dr. Ahmed Abdel Meguid answers the question: what does Islam have …

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Capitalism and Consumerism

Capitalism and Consumerism: A New Critique from the Perspective of Islamic Philosophy

This course by Dr. Ahmed Abdel Meguid lays special emphasis on …

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islaic philsophy

Introduction to Islamic Philosophy?

Dr. Ahmed Abdel Meguid gives a broad introduction to philosophical thinking …

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Dr. Ahmed Abdel Meguid answers the following questions: what is knowledge? …

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Misconceptions about the Marriage of Aishah

Dr. Jamal Badawi refutes all allegations and clarifies all distortions about …

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Dr. Ahmed Abdel Meguid reflects upon the following: What is Metaphysics …

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maqasid thinking

Objectives-oriented (Maqasidi) Thinking

In Islam, according to Dr. Jasser Auda, the heart can be …

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dove peace

Is Islam a Religion of Violence?

Dr. Jamal Badawi discusses the issue of whether there is any …

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Nature harmony. Pyramid of stones symbol of calm

Women and the Mosque

By design, this course by Dr. Jasser Auda delivers deep insight …

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The History of Revivalists in Islam

Sh. Aboughoda will take you through this journey to learn about …

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Nature harmony. Pyramid of stones symbol of calm

Misconceptions about the Prophet’s Marriages & Polygamy

According to Dr. Jamal Badawi, there are prevalent and widely-circulated misconceptions …

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women inislam

Misconceptions about Women in Islam

Dr. Jamal Badawi highlights the fact that Islam stresses the dignity …

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