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About This Course

The Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) upholds a vision of education whereby tarbiyah is woven into all aspects of our endevours. We aim to create an environment where students strive to progress and grow as ‘rabbani individuals’ and are fully engaged in the tarbiyah process, thus building the foundation for a strong Muslim identity and a sense of belonging to their community and ummah.

This course is designed for teachers and staff at MAC Islamic Schools. The role of the teacher is important and essential in our goal of nurturing Muslim students to be spiritually connected, strongly grounded in their own faith, motivated and enthusiastic, and have a good understanding of how to practise Islam in their daily lives.

The course consists of three modules designed to train teachers in Islamic worldview and Islamic frame of reference, MAC’s Tarbiyah Framework and iRISE, and the teacher’s role as a murabbi.


10 Lessons

Module 1: Islam – Our Frame of Reference & Islamic Worldview

1.1.1 Living a God-Centred Life – Pt17:07
1.1.2 Living a God-Centred Life – Pt25:33
1.2 Core Concepts and their Social Impact7:07
1.3 The Basis for the Muslim Character8:15
1.4 Islamic Values6:21
1.5 Islamic Interactions7:43
Quiz 1: Islam – Our Frame of Reference & Islamic Worldview

Module 2: Tarbiyah Framework and iRISE

Module 3: iRISE Teacher’s Role

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