Unit 1 – What Is Epistemology?

Unit 2 – Problems of Epistemology: The Beginning with Ancient Philosophy

Unit 3 – Problems of Epistemology: Developments in Late Antiquity and Pre-Scholastic Christian Philosophy

Unit 4 – Problems of Epistemology: Early Modern Philosophy and Representational Thinking

Unit 5 – Problems of Epistemology: Kantian Philosophy and the Synthesis of the Modern/Protestant Turn in Philosophy

Unit 6 – Problems of Epistemology: Post-Kantian Analytic Philosophy

Unit 7 – The Beginnings: Early Kalām (Philosophical Theology) and the Problems of Epistemology

Unit 8 – Critical Encounters with the Ancient Tradition: al-Kindī and al-Fārābī and the Epistemic Critique of Classical Ontology

Unit 9 – From Philosophical Theology to Philosophy: Avicennian Modal Metaphysics and Epistemology

Unit 10 – Averroes and al-Ghazālī. Modal Epistemology and the Critique of the Neo-Platonic Failures of Avicenna (Comign Soon)

Unit 11 – Post-Classical Islamic Modal Epistemology: Glimpses and Themes (Comign Soon)

Problems of Epistemology: Post-Kantian Analytic Philosophy