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Research is showing a change in the population distribution of Muslims in Canada, where second-generation Muslims comprise nearly 30% of the total Muslim population.

How do second-generation Muslims excel professionally and develop unique spaces within the professional space while fully upholding their Islamic identity and priorities?

How does professional success impact our Muslim community?

What role do Muslim professionals have toward the community and the ummah?

These sessions are focussed on topics that concern Muslim professionals in Canada. How does the Islamic worldview impact our goals and aspirations as we grow in our professions and how do we navigate the relationship and connection between professional and spiritual identity and aspirations?


7 Lessons8h 7m

Unit 1: Media and Muslims – Haroon Siddiqui, Jamal ElShayyal & Dr. Wael Haddara

Media and Muslims1:17:47

Unit 2: Situating Economic & Financial Approaches Within the Islamic Framework – Dr. Jasser Auda & Khaled Sultan

Unit 3: Career Growth without Compromise: Grounding Goals, Aspirations & Priorities as a Muslim – Mohammed Faris & Dr. Mohammad Naveed

Unit 4: How to Be a Productive Muslim? – Mohammed Faris & Sh. Mohammad Zahid

Unit 5: Next Generation of Islamic Schools: A Tarbiyah-driven Quality Management Approach – Dr. Ahmed Abdel Meguid & Sarah Attia

Unit 6: Shifting from Donor-Focused to Community-Centred Philanthropy – Andrew Chunilall, Mohamad Fakih & Daniele Zanotti

Unit 7: Envisioning a Non-Profit Sector in a Post-Covid19 World – Cathy Taylor & Bruce MacDonald

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