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Allah (SWT) revealed the Qur’an in Arabic, and authentic texts and many works of historic scholars continue to exist in the Arabic language. We are blessed to have Arabic scholars who have access to a deep understanding of some of the most authentic texts of Islam.

This stream is designed to deliver Arabic sessions from some of the world’s most well-respected scholars on topics that will add depth to the conversation on Thriving in the Path of Allah (SWT).

Along with the Arabic talks, translations in English and French will be provided.


8 Lessons10h 20m

Unit 1: Finding the Path of Allah – Dr. Nashaat Ahmed & Sh. Muhammed Abuelezz (AR + ENG Translation)

Finding the Path of Allah (AR + ENG Translation)1:11:26

Unit 2: No God but Allah: A Way of Life – Dr. Nashaat Ahmed & Dr. Rateb ElNabulsi (AR + ENG Translation)

Unit 3: Staying on the Path – Dr. Rateb ElNabulsi & Sh. Mahdi Tirkawi (AR + FR Translation)

Unit 4: Stepping Back into the Path: Repenting to Allah – Imam Siraj Wahhaj

Unit 5: Prophetic Transformation: From the Darkness of Jahiliyyah to the Light of Islam – Abdul-Nasir Jangda

Unit 6: Importance of Preserving the Arabic Language – Dr. Nashaat Ahmed & Dr. Ali Al-Halawani (AR + ENG Translation)

Unit 7: Fiqh of Muslim Minorities and Q&A – Sh. Mohamad Fouad & Sh. Mahdi Tirkawi (AR / FR)

Unit 8: Contemporary Fiqhi Issues and Q&A – Dr. Jasser Auda, Sh. Ismael Mukhtar & Dr. Wael Shehab

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