Unit 1 – Why Is this Topic Important?

Unit 2 – What Is the Correct Methodology in Dealing with Today’s Questions?

Unit 3 – What Does the Qur’an Say about Women and Mosques?

Unit 4 – What Does the Sunnah Say about Women and Mosques?

Unit 5 – On What Basis Do Some Muslims Prevent Women from Entering Mosques?

Unit 6 – Did the Prophet Say that a Women’s Prayer at Home Is Better than at Mosque?

Unit 7 – Are the Hadith Narrations that Ridicule Women True?

Unit 8 – Are Most Women “dwellers of hell”?

Unit 9 – How Did the Prophet Design the First Mosque in Madinah?

Unit 10 – Is There Such a Thing as a “Men’s Entrance” to the Mosque?

Unit 11 – Are Children Allowed in the Mosque? Where Do They Pray?

Unit 12 – Can Men and Women Interact in the Mosque?

Unit 13 – What Happens When Some People Act Inappropriately in the Mosque?

Unit 14 – Is There a Specific Dress Code for Women in the Mosque?

Unit 15 – Is It Preferable for Women to Attend Congregational Prayers in the Mosque?

Unit 16 – Are Non-Muslim Men and Women Allowed in the Mosque? Can They Pray There?

Unit 17 – Are There Limits on Women’s Participation in the Mosque’s Social Activities?

Unit 18 – Can Women Lecture Men in the Mosque?

Unit 19 – Can Women Lead Congregational Prayers? Can They Perform the Call To Prayer?

Unit 20 – Can Women Serve on the Mosque’s Board? Is Women’s Leadership Forbidden by Hadith?