Introduction to the Fiqh of Fasting

Ahmed Khalil
Sh. Ahmed Khalil
Last Update June 23, 2022
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Sh. Ahmed Khalil

Imam of Ottawa MAC Islamic Centre


The month of Ramadan is a blessed time for all Muslims. It is an opportunity to transform yourself and route to success in this world and the hereafter.

Every year, we should aspire for Ramadan to be our best yet. It is not only recommended but highly essential for every Muslim and Muslimah to be aware of the Islamic rulings (Fiqh) and the spiritual channels that we can use to achieve the most out of this blessed month.

In this course, we will talk about the wisdom behind fasting and the important rulings related to it. This course will focus on the classical and contemporary Islamic rulings related to Ramadan and Islamic rulings related to fasting as an obligation.

The course will cover important subjects including: How do we find out the start of Ramadan?, Who is obliged to fast? Who is exempt from fasting? What are the nullifiers of fasting? What’s so special about the last ten nights?, and what is Zakat-ul-fitr? And much more.


24 Lessons3h 50m

Unit 1 – Introduction

Unit 2 – The Wisdom behind Fasting

Unit 3 – Blessings of Fasting

Unit 4 – Pillars & Conditions of Fasting

Unit 5 – Moon Sighting & Ramadan

Unit 6 – Who Has to Fast in Ramadan?

Unit 8 – Upholding Fasting

Unit 10 – Making up Fasts (Qada’, Fidyah, Kaffarah)

12 – Disliked Aspects while Fasting

13 – The Fiqh of Zakat-ul-Fitr

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Sh. Ahmed Khalil

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Sheikh Ahmed Khalil is a second-generation Canadian Muslim, inspirational speaker, imam, and da’wah coordinator. He is the manager of the MAC Islamic Centre in Ottawa, ON, where he also serves as the imam and khateeb. He has more than 20 years of experience in da’wah and Islamic activism. He has a B.Eng. in Computer Engineering, from Carleton University, where he served with the MSA. He also has a diploma in Film Production from Vancouver, where he worked on integrating da’wah through the media. He has a diploma in Shariah and Islamic Studies, from Samaha Academy, under the supervision of Sheikh Jasim Muhalhal Al-Yaseen and another from Zad Academy under the supervision of Sheikh Muhammad Saleh Al-Munajjid. He is an avid reader, a student of knowledge, and father of three.
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Duration 3.8 hours
24 lectures

Material Includes

  • Essentials of Ramadan the Fasting Month - Tajuddin B. Shu`aib