Studies in Surat Al-Baqarah

Dr. Jasser Auda
Last Update June 21, 2022
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Dr. Jasser Auda
President of Maqasid Institute Global


In this series of 30 episodes, Dr. Jasser Auda introduces an objective- or maqasid-based approach to Surat Al-Baqarah. The Surah in its entirety aims to outline the Islamic worldview and set the foundations of the Muslim Ummah. Each episode will cover a cross-sectional theme connecting a number of the Surah’s verses and integrating them into formative principles, overarching concepts and guiding objectives. Related Prophetic Hadiths are linked to the verses and themes. Links are also made with many current topics including creed, jurisprudence, history, science, language, charity, economics, politics, food, environment, mosques, community, and family.



30 Lessons7h 33m

Unit 1 – The Qur’an Teaches Us How to Read It

Unit 2 – Thematic Analysis of Surat Al-Baqarah

Unit 3 – “That Is the Book!”

Unit 4 – Understanding Qur’anic Parables

Unit 5 – The Qur’anic Challenge

Unit 6 – Scientific Interpretations

Unit 7 – The Dawn of Human History

Unit 8 – Understanding the “People of the Book”

Unit 9 – Prophet Muhammad in the Previous Scriptures

Unit 10 – Prophets Are Ideal Human Examples

Unit 11 – The Fiqh of Asking Questions

Unit 12 – Science versus Magic

Unit 13 – Understanding Abrogation

Unit 14 – Qiblah and Mosques

Unit 15 – Read! Qira’ah, Tilawah, Tarteel, Tadabbur

Unit 16 – Prophet Ibrahim Was a Muslim

Unit 17 – Wasatiyyah and Maqasid

Unit 18 – Shahadah

Unit 19 – Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem

Unit 20 – Taskheer: Enablers in Heavens and Earth

Unit 21 – Eat Halal and Tayyib (Pure)

Unit 22 – Fiqh of Inheritance and Wills

Unit 23 – Fiqh of Fasting and I’tikaf

Unit 24 – Fiqh of Public Wealth

Unit 25 – Fiqh of Marriage and Divorce

Unit 26 – Tawheed

Unit 27 – Fiqh of Awqaf

Unit 28 – Fiqh of Riba (Usury)

Unit 29 – The Fixed and the Variable in Islamic Jurisprudence

Unit 30 – Closing Supplication

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Dr. Jasser Auda

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Professor Jasser Auda is a scholar of Islamic legal theory, especially the higher purposes (maqasid) of the Islamic law. He is the President of Maqasid Institute Global, a think tank registered in the USA, UK, Malaysia and Indonesia, a Visiting Professor at the Centre for the Study of Islam at Carleton University, Canada, a Visiting Professor at the Rule of Law Institute, Faculty of Law, Loyola University Chicago, and Al-Shatibi Chair for Maqasid Studies at the International Peace University in South Africa. He is a Founding and Board Member of the International Union for Muslim Scholars, an Executive Member of the Fiqh Council of North America, a Member of the European Council for Fatwa and Research, and a Fellow of the Fiqh Academy of India. He has a PhD in the philosophy of Islamic law from the University of Wales, UK, and a PhD in systems analysis from the University of Waterloo, Canada. Early in his life, he memorized the Qur’an and undertook traditional studies at the Study Circles of Al-Azhar Mosque in Cairo, Egypt. He worked previously as a professor at the universities of Waterloo and Ryerson in Canada, Alexandria University in Egypt, Faculty of Islamic Studies, Qatar, American University of Sharjah, UAE, and University of Brunei Darussalam, Brunei. Professor Auda lectured on Islam and its law in dozens of countries, and wrote 25 books in Arabic and English, some of which were translated to 25 languages.’
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studies in surat al-baqarah
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  • Re-Envisioning Islamic Scholarship - Dr. Jasser Auda