Islamic Finance & Investment in North America

Dr. Monzer Kahf
Dr. Monzer Kahf
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Dr. Monzer Kahf
Islamic Economics & Finance Dept., Istanbul Zaim University


This course by Dr. Monzer Kahf introduces Islamic Finance as well as investment in North America. It introduces the general principles of Islamic Finance and shows the Islamic ruling of home mortgage as well as student loans.

The insurance systems in both Canada and the United States of America are introduced and, hence, compared with their various types and regulations.

Dr. Khaf deals also with the ruling of participating in the Registered Education Savings Plans (RESP) and Saving 529 and the like. He discusses investment in the Equity Market as well as investing in bonds, commodities, currencies, gold and silver.

Dr. Kahf ends this informative course by explaining the Islamic ruling of tax evasion as well as dependency on government social assistance.

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8 Lessons1h 51m

Unit 1 – Introduction

Unit 2 – General Principles of Islamic Finance

Unit 3 – Home Mortgage & Student Loans

Unit 4 – The Insurance Systems in Canada & the USA: Types & Regulations

Unit 5 – Participating in the Registered Education Savings Plans (RESP) & Saving 529 & the Likes

Unit 6 – Investment in the Equity Market

Unit 7 – Investing in Bonds, Commodities, Currencies, Gold & Silver, etc.

Unit 8 – Tax Evasion & Dependency on Government Social Assistance

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Dr. Monzer Kahf

Professor of Islamic Finance & Economics

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Dr. Monzer Kahf is a Syrian American professor of Islamic Economics and Finance. He received his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Utah in 1975. He has made significant contributions to Islamic Economics and Finance. His contributions include being a collaborating expert at the Islamic Fiqh Academy, and IMF Consultant on Islamic Finance. Dr. Monzer also served as the Head of Research in IRTI-IDB, Senior Research Economist, Director of Finance in the Islamic Society of North America, and a few other positions. He is the author of 35 books, more than 75 published articles and scores of conference and encyclopedia entries on Awqaf, Zakah, Islamic finance and banking and other areas of Islamic economics. Dr. Kahf is a professor and consultant/trainer on Islamic banking, finance, Zakah, Awqaf, Islamic Inheritance, Islamic estate planning, Islamic family law, and other aspects of Islamic economics, finance, Islamic transactions (Mu'amalat). Dr. Kahf is currently a Professor of Islamic Finance & Economics at the Faculty of Economics and Management, Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University, Turkey.
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Islamic Finance & Investment in North America
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Duration 1.9 hour
8 lectures

Material Includes

  • Identifying Economic Problems of the Muslim Community in North America and Preliminary Thoughts on Their Solution - Monzer Kahf
  • Principles of Islamic Financing: A Survey - Monzer Kahf and Tariqullah Khan
  • Samples of Islamic Finance Contracts - Monzer Kahf